Friday, September 12, 2008

finally in dallas!

Last night I said goodbye to all of my friends and family which was heart breaking, but I'll see them for the holidays which is amazing :] Like I said before I didn't go to sleep last night because there really was no point! I got home at 1:30am and I finished cleaning my room and packing, which took me until about 3:30am because I was super tired! I woke up my dad to say goodbye, which was really sad and then my mom came to pick me up around 4:30am and we were on our way. Our flight left at 6:25am out of hartford, then we stopped in Baltimore and then again Birmingham where we had a connecting flight to Dallas/Love Field! The landing in Birmingham didn't go to well and my mom and I both almost got sick, but thankfully we recovered haha! The flight from Birmingham to Dallas was much smoother and I was fine! When we arrived we got my bags and my mom went to find out how to get to our rental car, which ended up turing into a Jeep Liberty that is really nice because of all of my luggage haha. We finally got the Jeep and we drove around the city for a little while and found the apartments I'll be living at, which look really nice from the outside :] Right now I'm just relaxing in the hotel room while my mom takes a nap, then we're going shopping :] I'm praying we don't get hit too bad by Hurricane Ike, so you should pray with me ;] I move in tomorrow and I cannot wait!!! God bless!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

so much to do...

So, this is my last day in Connecticut before I go to Texas!! I'm so thankful that my mom is staying with me for a week because she's going to help me get settled in and get my groceries ;-) haha! Today is so hectic, I have to finish packing, clean my room out, and clean out my car! Then at 5:30 I'm going to my grandma's to have one last dinner with the family before I leave and at 8:00 my friends and I are going bowling, which I'm so excited about :-) I probably won't go to sleep at all tonight because our flight is at 6:23am and I would have to wake up at 3:00 anyways, so what's the point of teasing myself with a couple hours of sleep!! I can't wait until I arrive in Texas!!!!